Ambitious, Experienced And Professional Employment Law Attorneys


I am now offering mediation as part of my practice. During the past 36 years I have had the privilege of working with many of you in the practice of Labor and Employment Law. I served as the Chair of the State Bar of Texas Labor and Employment Section in 1993 and was fortunate enough to have been asked to serve as an editor of the first Texas Pattern Jury Charge that provided an option for employment law cases. I have handled thousands of employment law cases in these 36 years, primarily representing plaintiffs but with some representation of employers as well.

I understand that some of you reading this will ask, “why mediation?” and “why now?” The answer to me is simple. Though I have no desire to completely disengage from the practice of law and more specifically the ability to advocate for clients and their needs, I do realize that at some point there will be a need for a transition. In making that transition, I want to continue doing what I have always enjoyed and that is to help people through their problems. In my practice, I realized a long time ago that nobody has ever contacted me for assistance unless something bad has happened to them. I think I have done very well assisting people in times of legal need throughout my career.  I now want to expand on that and help both parties resolve their disputes.

Having practiced in the employment law field for all this time, I realize that there are excellent mediators who we all have worked with and remain available to help parties resolve disputes. Quite honestly, if somebody reading this is completely happy with the service provided by mediators that they frequently use, there is no reason, nor do I want you to switch.

In introducing mediation to my practice, I am looking to help those who are looking for a different perspective and style. Not to criticize anybody else’s approach, but here is what sets me apart in the mediation of employment law cases:

  1. I am Certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in the field of Labor and Employment Law.
  2. I have handled only employment law cases for the whole of my 36-year career.
  3. I will only mediate employment and FLSA cases.
  4. I will have a complete and thorough understanding of all legal issues presented because this has been my exclusive area of practice. Simply stated, I have seen it all.
  5. I will be completely prepared for the inherent issues that each case presents.
  6. My fee structure will be fair. I will charge $1,850.00 per party for a full day mediation and $1,150.00 per party for half day mediation.
  7. I will offer “in person” and “remote” options and will be reasonably available to travel if the situation warrants.

If you are interested in the quality of service I intend and will strive to provide, I would welcome the opportunity to serve as a mediator for you.