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A Shield For Whistleblowers

You have noticed something amiss in your workplace that you believe is not legal. You want to report it, but you don’t know how or to whom. You worry about your career if you report a workplace violation and suffer retaliation as a result.

This is where we at Rosenberg & Associates come in. Our attorneys have more than 35 years of combined experience protecting whistleblowers throughout Texas. We provide comprehensive service at every step, from gathering evidence to reporting wrongdoing to recovering compensation.

The Basics Of Whistleblower Claims

Many people refer to having a whistleblower claim, but in Texas, such whistleblower claims only apply to governmental entities, including school districts. If you, in good faith, report a violation of law, to what you believe to be an appropriate law enforcement authority, you may be protected from retaliation. In whistleblower claims, you must initiate your employer’s grievance procedure first, so you must act very quickly with these claims.

The Texas Health and Safety Code may apply to retaliation in violation of law made by nongovernment employees in the health industry. The hospital or treatment facility may not suspend, terminate, discipline or otherwise discriminate against an employee for reporting to the employer’s supervisor or an administrator of a facility, a state regulating agency, or what you held to be an appropriate law enforcement agency a violation of law.

Shield Yourself From Retaliation As A Whistleblower

The allyship of experienced attorneys makes all the difference when reporting a legal violation. Contact us at Rosenberg & Associates to get our strong representation on your side. Contact our Houston office at 713-369-5978 or click here to schedule your initial consultation about whistleblowing.