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Sexual harassment takes on many forms

Sexual harassment in the workplace is something that has been going on for decades, but it’s now starting to get more attention and being taken more seriously. Some people in Texas may be sexually harassing their coworkers without even realizing it. Here is a handful of things that you may not have realized are considered sexual harassment.

Lewd jokes are sexual harassment

Some people may not realize that telling lewd jokes is a form of sexual harassment. If you are making unwarranted sexual jokes and innuendos about your co-workers, they could possibly report you for sexual harassment. If you are going to joke with your co-workers, you need to ensure that it is respectful and not inappropriate or degrading in any way.

Other things that are sexual harassment

If you are constantly flirting with your co-workers by asking them to go on a date with you or insinuating that you want to have sexual relations with them, this can be considered sexual harassment. Once your co-worker tells you that they are not interested, you need to respect them and leave them alone. Constant sexual advances are harassment and can put your job in jeopardy.

This also goes for unwarranted physical interaction with your co-workers. This includes more than touching them sexually; it also includes any physical touching that your co-workers did not give you permission for beforehand.

Showing sexual material to your co-workers is also a form of sexual harassment. If you are showing your co-workers pornography, inappropriate photos or adult toys meant for sexual relations, you are engaging in sexual harassment, and you can lose your job if your company deems your actions unacceptable.

While at work, you must always strive to keep a certain level of professionalism. Be sure to show your co-workers respect and avoid harassing them in any way.