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Several common types of discrimination faced by employees

While companies seem supportive and non-discriminating on the surface, that can change as you begin working for them. In 2022, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission reported over 73,000 new discrimination charges. Unfortunately, discrimination remains a problem in many Texas workplaces that can come in several forms.

Discrimination based on sexual orientation

If someone is gay or bisexual, they can face multiple types of discrimination. This discrimination could be in the form of not getting a job based on their sexual orientation. A gay, bisexual, or otherwise non-straight person a company hires may also be the target of employment discrimination in the form of slurs, insulting jokes and other forms of verbal or physical abuse.

Age discrimination

Age discrimination or ageism involves receiving unfair treatment based on your age. A company can commit ageism by systematically phasing out older employees in favor of younger talent. Age-based discrimination could affect someone falsely believing that another person’s age disqualifies them from working at the same pace as younger employees.

Pregnancy-related discrimination

Finding out that you’re pregnant should be a time of celebration. Unfortunately, some employers treat someone differently after finding out they’re pregnant. For instance, a company might rescind a job offer after learning a potential hire is pregnant. A business might also discriminate against a pregnant employee by firing this person, claiming this termination was for a non-pregnancy-related reason.

Discrimination based on religion

People have the freedom to practice or not practice religion. Discrimination occurs when co-workers or an employer mistreats someone based on their beliefs or not having religious beliefs.

You have rights that protect you against workplace discrimination. If you believe you’re the victim of discrimination, file a report with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.