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Common signs of age discrimination in Texas workplaces

Jobs or careers give most people a sense of purpose and fulfillment, especially if they’ve toiled for years to perfect their craft. However, as people grow older, the job market becomes increasingly competitive despite years of experience and skill development. It is not uncommon to find employers or other workmates in Texas exhibiting behavior that may point to age discrimination. The common ones you should watch out for if you are in your 40s, 50s or 60s include the following.

Inappropriate comments

Age discrimination knows no bounds. It can come in the form of inappropriate comments, particularly those that are patronizing or rude. For instance, an individual may be referred to as “grandpa” or “granny” even though they are quite younger than most grandparents.

Being passed over for promotion

Being passed over for promotion can be very frustrating for an older employee who has consistently demonstrated exceptional work performance and complied with company policies. If you notice that younger and less experienced employees are consistently promoted over you, it could be a sign of employment discrimination.

Unexplained termination

In an at-will employment state like Texas, employers can fire you without providing any reason. However, if your termination seems to be disproportionate to the circumstances or is not in line with the company’s usual practices, you could be a victim of age discrimination. For example, if your employer laid off most employees during a downsizing exercise who were under 40, and you were the only one above that age bracket, it would be reasonable to consider age as one of the factors behind your termination.

Lack of training and development opportunities

Even in your 40s, 50s or 60s, you still need to update your skills and acquire new ones to remain relevant in the job market. So, whenever an opportunity for professional development or training arises in your specific field, your employer should give you the same consideration as younger employees.

Age discrimination is an unjust reality that affects many employees in Texas and beyond. It’s essential to remember that your experience, capabilities and wisdom are invaluable assets that can greatly benefit any organization. Should you find yourself facing potential age discrimination, it’s crucial to not let it diminish your self-worth or dampen your enthusiasm for your work. Consider taking actions that may help you address the discrimination.