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The main factors in proving employer discrimination in Texas

Texas residents expect to deal with certain amounts of job-related stress. However, no one expects and should deal with workplace discrimination. Wanting to prove discrimination is understandable. You’ll have the easiest time proving that discrimination happened by having several things available.

Communication records

Each day, employees communicate with each other through text messages, phone calls, emails or by using programs like Slack and Teams. If a co-worker begins discriminating against you using these communication methods, you have the chance to document and save these interactions. From screenshots to voicemails, record as much communication-related evidence as possible to help you bolster your case.

Witness statements

You can also get witness statements if other people have witnessed your discrimination incident. These statements serve to strengthen any discrimination claim.

Past performance evaluations

Having your past performance evaluations can also build an employment discrimination case. These documents can become major sources of help if an employer makes false claims about your prior work performance. Having positive feedback from prior evaluations can discredit any false claims an employer makes.

Previous company lawsuits

In some cases, companies potentially guilty of discrimination may have past claims against them. This information can be an incredible way to strengthen your case. For instance, if you believe you have been let go because of your age, you can find records of previous age discrimination lawsuits against this employer.

Besides having the documents outlined above, it’s also helpful to take notes. These notes should detail what type of employment discrimination has happened, when it has occurred and other information that is crucial to your claim. It can also prevent you from forgetting critical details.