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University of Houston study finds hotels that promote women seen as fairer employers

Many industries have a largely female workforce, but management that is dominated by men. The hotel industry is no exception. Most of a typical hotel’s workforce is female, yet only 12 percent of American hotels’ leadership positions, ranging from owner down to entry-level supervisor jobs, are held by women. Men hold eighty percent of higher managerial positions.

A new study from the University of Houston finds that when hotel chains and independent hotels hire more women for management roles, they are perceived in the industry as fairer. While this may seem obvious, the study is the first to address gender discrimination in the hotel industry’s promotional opportunities, according to a UH press release.

Positive perceptions of hotels that promote women

The study is based on a survey of 87 hotel managers, who were asked about their feelings about fairness in promotions and gender discrimination in the process. Hotel chains and independent hotels that promote more female managers were seen as fairer places to work. When a hotel has the reputation of giving female employees a fair chance when promotional opportunities come up, women at that hotel are more likely to apply. It also tends to improve the culture at the hotel, as well as sales growth and employee productivity, according to the study.

Gender discrimination laws in Texas and federal law do not protect women only. Men can also be discriminated against, though historically, women have been the vast majority of gender-based employment discrimination victims. But the study suggests that most managers would view the promotion of more women as fair, not reverse discrimination against male employees.

The impact a discrimination lawsuit can have

Hotel employees and workers in other industries who are denied a promotion because of their gender, not their qualifications, may have experienced employment discrimination. The law recognizes the negative impact discrimination can have on women’s careers and income. Taking legal action can compensate you for the damage to your career and possibly stop your employer from doing it to others in the future.