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What are the signs of a hostile work environment?

Many factors can create a hostile work environment in Texas, which can inhibit the productivity of the employees and lead to a high turnover rate. It’s important to know what the law recognizes as a hostile work environment to protect yourself and understand your rights. The top signs include sexual or racial harassment, discrimination of any kind, aggressive behavior, victimization, and threats that are made against employees.

How do you improve a hostile work environment?

Fortunately, there are several ways to improve a hostile work environment, whether it’s created by one person or a few employees. There should be accountability and correction with the responsible parties who have created the toxic work culture to ensure the root of the problem is addressed. It’s also important to host quarterly meetings with your team to discuss rules and guidelines in the office to ensure everyone is respected. Create a company policy that addresses the problem in the workplace. State disciplinary actions should also follow to prevent employment discrimination from continuing. There should also be open paths of communication and that any employment discrimination complaints reported are properly investigated in the future.

Who can you contact for legal assistance?

If you need an attorney to address a toxic culture in the workplace or any harassment you’ve suffered. It’s important to learn your rights from a legal professional who has experience handling similar cases and is qualified to review the details and evidence of the case. An attorney can help you seek compensation, or in some cases, even restore your employment if you’ve been unfairly terminated due to employment discrimination. The legal professional’s services can also assist you with matters related to employer retaliation, overtime compensation, whistleblower claims, and workers’ compensation retaliation.