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Is discrimination still existent in the tech industry?

Texas is made up of a diverse population. Although this state’s tech industry has been burgeoning over the past few decades, discrimination has been an issue for its reputation. It can be difficult to be productive in a Texas tech company where it feels like your promotion is somehow always delayed or your rights are never respected.

It can be worse if you or someone close to you is always being patronized at their IT firm because of their age, a disability, color, or something similar. Although relatively few people hear about it, discrimination still exists in different forms in the tech field.

Why is discrimination a trend in IT companies?

Discrimination may be based on a variety of factors, including gender, age, race and national origin. Age is one of the most common issues. According to experts, age discrimination is widespread in the tech industry because of how people view its workers. Oftentimes, people think older adults are not tech-savvy; thus, they should not be in tech. As a result of this assumption, the older workers in IT departments or companies tend to be ignored when their time for promotion arrives or they aren’t hired in the first place.

What are the likely consequences?

Equality in the tech industry influences employee morale, creativity, collaboration and productivity. That means that if there’s discrimination in a workplace, there’s a high chance the employees are going to perform less than they’re capable of. According to a report, diverse companies are nearly twice as likely to be innovation leaders compared to their counterparts.
Moreover, it is easy for employees who are discriminated against to resign and seek redress under employment law, affecting their company’s reputation and bottom line.

It’s important for tech companies to incorporate anti-discrimination values guidelines into the workplace. It’s possible for things to get better if tech companies make an effort to build a workplace culture that reflects equality and make it more rewarding for employees to be committed to diversity.

Have you been discriminated against at your workplace? If so, an experienced, reputable and understanding employment law attorney might be all you need to get the compensation and closure you deserve.