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Three common myths about workplace discrimination

When things at your job in Texas are going great, there isn’t much to complain about, but not everyone gets to enjoy working in a discrimination-free workplace. It’s possible that you were discriminated against by a boss or co-worker, but you don’t know whether your experience is enough for legal action. With that in mind, here’s information to help you dispel the most common workplace discrimination myths.

Discrimination laws only cover large companies

You might think that discrimination laws only exist to cover large employers or corporations, which isn’t true. Sometimes, small companies will repeat this lie to employees in an attempt to prevent them taking legal action. The government created discrimination laws to cover employees working for companies of all sizes, even small businesses.

Workplace discrimination must be intentional

Another one of the most common workplace discrimination myths is that discriminatory behavior must be intentional to get covered by employment laws. Whether it’s intentional or not, no employee should have to deal with discriminatory behavior.

Only bad workplaces deal with discrimination problems

It’s understandable to assume that discrimination and harassment only exist inside of companies with bad reputations. Unfortunately, that’s far from the truth. Companies with good reputations and businesses of all sizes aren’t exempt from discrimination taking place. Even some of the most well-respected companies have dealt with the fallout of discrimination claims.

If you have been a victim of workplace discrimination, it can sometimes feel like you have nowhere to turn. To get the help you’re seeking, consider contacting an employment discrimination attorney. A legal professional may review your case, outline your legal options, help you gather evidence and submit your claim in a timely matter.