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Documents that can make or break employment discrimination

Workers for Texas firms who believe they are victims of employment discrimination should gather four essential documents that can make a difference in their case. If even one of these documents shows negative comments that support the employer’s reasons for firing, demotion or similar actions, your case may not be as strong as you think.

Essential documents for employment discrimination cases

Many employees face employment discrimination due to gender, race, age or another category protected under federal law. As an employee, you should have access to four essential documents that can play a pivotal role in your case. Documents that you should not have access to include anything that contains personal information about other employees, trade secrets and other proprietary or confidential information.

Essential documents include:

  • Job performance reviews
  • Emails, text and other types of internal communications
  • Arbitration agreement
  • Prior lawsuits and demographics of those complaints

Although an arbitration agreement isn’t considered evidence, it does play a part in where your case will be heard. Performance reviews where your superiors have praised you will work in your favor. The same goes for internal communications, particularly electronic ones, as supervisors and owners often let down their guard when not speaking verbally about their workforce.

Showing a pattern of discrimination

Looking at past claims against your company can help strengthen your case for wrongful termination. Even with a pattern of similar discrimination, if performance reviews show you were lacking in your duties, your case may not be as strong.

Nevertheless, building a solid case against your employer requires good supporting documents. Your ability to help acquire these documents is essential. Evaluating electronic communications that you may have praising your work could counteract performance reviews. Getting a complete evaluation of your chances before filing suit is crucial to your claim’s success.