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How can you prove you were wrongly terminated?

Getting terminated from your job in Texas can be a traumatic experience. You may suddenly face uncertainty over how to pay your bills and provide for your loved ones. This experience is made even worse when you feel that you were wrongfully fired. If you have the ability to prove this is the case, you can file a claim.

The reason they gave isn’t in the contract

The reason that was given by your employer for firing you may not have been one that is officially covered in your contract. This is crucial because most employers will have you sign a contract that includes certain clauses. These clauses concern all of the agreed-upon reasons for which a person can be fired.

However, if you were fired for a reason that is not listed as part of the contract that you signed, you can take action. In some cases, you may even be fired without being given any kind of reason. This can be the basis for you to file a claim for wrongful termination.

You may be the victim of employer retaliation

You may recently have been fired as the result of employer retaliation. This may have come in the wake of you blowing the whistle after you observed serious safety violations that no one was making a move to fix. You may also have made a complaint after witnessing your supervisor making unwanted sexual advances toward another worker.

If this is the case, you should be aware that there are laws in place to protect you. It is absolutely illegal for an employer to retaliate against workers who blow the whistle when they observe violations of basic conduct or safety rules. If you feel your termination was due to this cause, you can file a claim.