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How to determine if you can receive back pay

If you live in Texas and think you might be eligible for back pay compensation, it’s important to learn exactly what this is and how a professional can calculate how much you’ll receive. Once you understand this, you can decide how you want to proceed.

How to define back pay

Back pay is part of a person’s salary and some other benefits an employee states their employer owes them after they’ve had an improper change to their salary or a wrongful termination. A professional will calculate this amount from the individual’s termination date to the claimed judgment or finalization date.

Why you’d get back pay

If your employer has withheld pay from you for any reason, you might be eligible to get back pay. The Fair Labor Standards Act is in place to protect workers when it comes to unfair labor practices by making it possible for the U.S. Department of Labor to act on your behalf by filing an overtime compensation claims suit. You must report violations to your state and federal labor departments within two years for unintentional violations and three years for willful underpayment.

The most common reasons for seeking back pay include:

  • Unpaid bonuses/commissions/overtime
  • Errors with accounting
  • Promotion and salary discrimination
  • Violation of minimum wage laws
  • Wage and tip theft

Ensure you file your back pay claim quickly

No one should have to deal with discrepancies in their pay or unfair practices regarding their wages. Gather any information and documentation you need to have an expert in employment law look over and determine if you have a valid claim.