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Penalties that employers face for failing to pay wages

If you work for a Texas company, then you should be aware of the penalties that your employer can face when they fail to pay wages as required. These penalties can become serious depending on the kind of unpaid compensation claims in question.

Paying double the amount owed

If an employer is found to have violated overtime laws, they may also be required to pay back the amount owed plus double damages. That means that as an employee, you may receive the overtime wages that your employer owes you plus two times that amount.

Paying for attorney fees

If your overtime compensation claims get validated, your employer may also have to pay attorney fees for the proceedings. This means they will be responsible for paying any legal costs related to overtime wages owed plus fines levied by a hearing officer or by the court having jurisdiction.

Fines imposed by the Department of Family and Protective Services

If your employer fails to pay wages as required, the Department of Family and Protective Services may impose fines on them. The amount of these fines can be as high as $500 for every unpaid overtime hour that went uncompensated.

Fines imposed by the Texas Workforce Commission

Also, the Texas Workforce Commission may impose fines for overtime compensation claims. These range from $100 to the higher amount of $500 per overtime hour that goes uncompensated.

As an employee in Texas, it’s important to understand the kind of treatment you should be receiving at work and the penalties that your employer can face when they violate your rights. That knowledge can go a long way towards maintaining your peace of mind.