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Deciding if you need FMLA or workers’ comp benefits

There are federal work laws that are not always easy for every employer and worker to understand. Each employee should fully understand their rights for temporary leave when they cannot work. You’ll want to know which laws in Texas cover your activities to ensure that you’re being treated fairly in the workplace.

Types of federal workers’ programs

The Family and Medical Leave Act provides unpaid coverage for family and medical emergencies that last for several weeks or months. In contrast, workers’ compensation provides payments for injuries that occur on the job.

An employer that requires you to obtain FMLA coverage instead of workers’ comp insurance could be breaking federal law. However, you may be entitled to both types of benefits. After being injured on the job, you may benefit from taking FMLA leave while you undergo medical treatment.

If you are injured at work, workers’ comp ensures that you are compensated for lost wages and medical bills. If your employer requires that you go on FMLA instead, you will not be paid during your recovery.

Knowing if and when to seek help

Your employer’s workers’ comp program is often separate from its FMLA policies. Employment lawyers may handle the cases of workers who are unsure if they require workers’ comp, FMLA or both. Attorneys also handle discrimination, wage and hour pay, harassment and other employment law issues.

Programs that protect employees outside of work

Under employment law, workers are protected from retaliation if they require time off from work. They need to understand the differences between paid leave and unpaid time off to receive all of the benefits that they deserve.