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Protection from retaliation for whistleblowers

Doing the right thing can be difficult when you fear reprisals. The Whistleblower Act of 1989 provides federal employees and private citizens with protection should they report fraud against the U.S. Government. Public employees in Houston, Texas are provided with state-level protection when they report fraud when they report their employer to law enforcement agencies.

Who is a whistleblower?

If you are concerned you have identified potential fraud against the U.S. Government, you should seek the assistance of a specialist lawyer. Wrongful termination and whistleblower claims are fears most people have. Specialists in qui tam law will be able to assist in bringing a lawsuit against a private employer for defrauding the Federal government. A lawyer could help determine if your evidence will lead to a financial reward in return for your testimony and information.

Gathering evidence?

Qui tam law experts should advise you to collect as much information as possible about your fears of fraud. Financial statements, voice recordings, and emails are good examples of evidence you can gather.

File a lawsuit

Filing a lawsuit under qui tam law provides employees with certain protections from retaliation. Once a qui tam lawyer has filed the lawsuit it will be sealed to keep all witnesses anonymous. The Federal government must decide whether to investigate within 60 days. Extensions to the 60-day deadline can be made depending on the complexity of the case.

Remain patient

Whistleblowers are entitled to between 15 and 30 percent of the recovered funds based on their evidence. Whistleblower cases can take months and years to come to fruition meaning patience is required.

Whistleblower laws are in place to ease the process of filing a lawsuit for employees. Providing as much assistance as possible and remaining patient are key to a successful whistleblower lawsuit.